An observation hive


This is not a new idea, but building an observation hive appealed to me.  Imagine the ability to have a thriving hive inside a home with the ability to  view the bee going's on at anytime.  The hive would also be able to be used for demonstration purposes - the entrance can be closed off and the whole hive easily moved to anywehere.  

P1010755There are many observation hive designs around so, using these as a baseline, I set about building my own with my own brand of alterations.  The hive was built from Australian hardwood, plywood (for the blinds), glass windows either side and brass fittings.  Taking care with the finish and woodwork, the hive would sit with pride inside any home.

Whether it actually becomes  an indoor hive is anyones guess - as you would imagine, there are a few considerations.  The plywood blinds simply slide into top slots to give the bees some privacy.

Now for some bees - nice and quiet ones!

Into the 2011 summer and I still have not added any bees.  I did plan to use this as a "live" observation indoor hive but my house layout does not give me a suitable wall to insert the entrance tube through.  

Still working on it - looks good though.